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Thread: Getting On-Board

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    Getting On-Board

    Having checked out the FWW site for several days, in registering this evening I wanted to Intrroduce myself and ask a few quick "Beginner" questions;
    1.) I'm in the process of setting up a 12x18 Basement shop. In cruising the Shop Tours, I was most impressed and also quite encouraged with the great solutions shared for small shops.
    2.) I have an older Craftsman 10" RAS in superb shape. Having bought this from the original owner who wasa upgrading, all I need to do now is learn to "Tune_Up" and align it which seems pretty deep in reading the manual.
    3.) In the process of building my Mitre station w/ Dewalt 705 12". With the design I am working up I can also incorporate a fairly nice Router station, using that 7-Ft wall for a Multi-Unit work space.
    4.) Placing my P/C Pancake compressor in a small shed that butts to my shop area to reduce noise level and would like to add a Grizzly 2/HP at later date. ** When I insulated and dry-walled this space I roughed in 2.5" Schedule 40 across the ceiling of the shop that will allow me to hopefully install B/Gates as I add my Wrk/stations. Concerns me that I see mostly LARGE-4" hose for most tools you guys are running?

    My plan is to begin adding following tools. Building a list for Christmas to give to the Mrs & entire family for Lowes cards, no Jeans, etc. this year!
    RYI-3100 or PS-15 (Read quite a few positive comments on TS-3 site)

    To close for this evening, I wanted to thank everyone that contributes. It's amazing how much a new person wanting to learn W/Working can glean just looking at shops and custom work/stations you guys have posted. I hope to post my humble start-up shop by the New Year!!

    Bruce N.

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    Welcome aboard, Bruce. As you've noticed, the Web has a wealth of woodworking information...a lot of what I know in the shop was learned in front of a computer screen first. And I've still got lots more to learn.
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    hi bruce!
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    Where's your Shop?

    Thanks for the welcome. I noticed you contribute to the site a great deal.
    Also went out to your Website and checked out your work which is Awesome!
    Having done quite a bit of renovation, I was blown-away with your stair build-outs and Mantles!

    So, where's your Shop man? Did I miss it on the tour?

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    Welcome to the Family, Bruce. Where are you from?
    Nancy Laird
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    welcome bruce, and tods shop is everywhere... he will build it if you come
    its in the shop tours somewhere bruce.
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    Welcome aboard and good luck on your Wish List!

    I started in our two-car garage and, using mobile carts, was able to develop a fully-functioning shop. The carts allowed me to roll everything into one side of the garage so LOML could still park her car inside. Here's a tour.

    Although I have a lot more room since our move to Georgia, I still use some of the mobile carts for convenience.

    Bill Arnold
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    Welcome to the Family Bruce

    If you are starting to build your shop, before you get too far along, I got two words for your............

    "Wooden Floor"

    ...... I wish I'd stopped and done that before I got so far into my little Dungeon

    Your question about pipe, 2 1/2" pipe for dust collection??

    I run 6" pipe to all of my machines

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    Welcome Bruce!
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    Welcome to the Family Bruce.
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