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Thread: Anyone else cold?

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    Anyone else cold?

    11 here (f) and no wind chill factored in. Rivers and lakes are starting to skim over with ice and I'll be darned if I can keep the sheep water bucket thawed out. It's only 11-21-2008!
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    Lake City, Florida
    Been going down to the low 40's, mid 30's here -- predicting 29 low tonight.

    mid 60's to low 70's during the day!

    Tony, BCE '75

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    16 here this morning, I was hoping Thanksgiving will be a bit warmer.
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    I've been freezing! Last week was in the high 70's and 80's. Only made it to 52 Wednesday. I had to break out the winter weight shorts!

    Hate me if you must!!

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    We've had three days below freezing so far and it's forecast to be 27F tonight. After going eight years without seasons in Florida, we'll take what we get here in South Georgia!

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    10 here this morning. With wind chill it feels like +1. Tomorrow, which is the first day of the gun hunt, it's supposed to start out at +8.

    We don't have any snow cover yet so we could have a deep frost this year. A few years back we had some really cold weather before we got a cover of snow in January. There were spots where the frost went down nearly 5 feet. Played havoc with a lot of septic systems. We don't need that again.

    Bundle up and stay warm.

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    Depending on where you are in the metroplex, mid to low 30s this am. Not cold by any means, but pretty cold to us. High in the low 50s. Jim.
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    IT was 18 here this morning, Personally I welcome our frozen overlords. In a way. The sooner the ground gets frozen the soon I can get around without any mud. I brought a load of firewood home yesterday and it's still on the trailer, to soft to get up to the boiler. I suppose I should get outside and get it unloaded

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    London, Ontario
    -9c right now this morning. Expected high of -4c.

    Just about 50-100km west of me they were buried last night. I've heard reports of 50cm of snow last night at some locations on Southern Lake Huron. London seems to be missing it, as we're only forecast for about 5-10cm today.

    But the highway just 20 min drive west of me is closed due to white-out conditions and car accidents.

    Drive carefully, everyone! My wife hit black ice on Monday at 70km/h (40+mph) and put the van in the ditch on a country road. No damage that we've seen, and everyone is fine. The kids thought it was fun; My wife, not so much...
    There's usually more than one way to do it... ........

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    Mountain Home, Arkansas
    Twenty here last night. Will probably get up to mid-50s today.

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