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Thread: New Motor Table saw wiring question

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    New Motor Table saw wiring question

    looking for some suggestions on a motor i put on my old table saw
    I have a 30amp breaker.......220outlet in the garage which my lathe and other tools work fine off of........i put this new motor on it and tried to wire it up 220.....but i think im doing something wrong.......The switch i used was the one on the table saw that a 3 phase motor was hooked up the picture first wiring the table saw will start up and run great for about 30 sec and then trips the the pic labled second it got hot fast and a little the third it just hummmm and tripped the breaker......i used the wiring diagram on the motor to wire it but just cant get it right......any thoughts on how to wire this differently then i did (see pics) or suggestions on what im doing wrong ???? thanks Dan
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails first wiring (600 x 450).jpg   plate1 (600 x 450).jpg   Plate (600 x 450).jpg   second (600 x 450).jpg   switch (600 x 450).jpg  

    third (600 x 450).jpg  
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    There are probably a lot more experienced people on here about this but I think if it got hot and you saw smoke your motor might be...well....smoked too.
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    Unfortunately, I can't read the diagram on the motor. Can you retake the picture while zoomed in closer? If you can't get a clear image maybe you can provide the make, model and specs and we can look it up online. Also, what is the HP rating for this motor?
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    The pictures of the nameplate are too blurry to read. You need to take better pictures - in focus - so people can see the wiring diagram.

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    The way I would have done it......take to an expert. Or pick up phone and call an electrician.
    You may have already cost yourself more than they would have charged.
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