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Thread: A Few New Things.... and so it begins

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    A Few New Things.... and so it begins

    I have been good. Since the Woodcraft store opened on the 17th, and I had yet to actually buy anything. But that all ended last night.

    I picked up my first card scrapers, a Lie-Nielsen 2 piece set. A burnisher, Bill Grumbine's "Turned Bowls Made Easy", and a can of salad bowl finish.

    I know it won't be my last purchase.......
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    And what will you tell your wife....."Honey, they said they could only pay me with merchandise, HONEST!!"
    Congrats on the new toyls. Sounds like a win/win situation. Jim.
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    You will enjoy the card scrapers, they are neat, the way they work is so very cool!

    Bill's video is top drawer all the way!
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    I think the card scraper is the unsung hero of my shop. I use them for every project. If you want pointers on sharpening them, i recommend doing a card scraper search on the blogspot of Christopher Schwarz compared several published methods. I really like that publication as well - no advertisements. They do tool reviews on just about anything - even old tools that aren't available anymore, like eggbeater drills, old chisels, old hand planes, etc. They're not beholded to advertisers.
    Have fun with it all.

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