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Thread: opinions about TRITON router wanted

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    opinions about TRITON router wanted

    Hi all, I'm due for a new work horse for my router table I have realy liked my hitachi m12v routers but they are wearing out and they don't make them any more. I have the new m12v2 and it's a great router but not well suited for table use. I have been reading about the TRITON 3 1/ hp router and I think I'm sold. Looks like Woodcraft has the best price. I'd like to hear some opinions from you all on this product or comparable in this price range.

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    I'll be watching this thread. The Triton has been on my "possible" list for a router table for some time. All the magazine reviews say it's a great choice for a table, and sveral members here are using it in this way. Let's see what develops.
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    Here's a couple of "outside" reviews for your info. I'm sure others here will also post their opinions, experience.

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    dewayne, i bought 2 of the 2-1/4hp models, with hopes of setting them up back to back in a table so as to hopefully not change bits as often. well that hasn't happened, been too busy, so i have only been able to use one of them hand held. in this application i think it is great, a little bulky for handheld work, unless the base is on a nice sized work piece. i love the adjustment features and the stuff it comes with is great for the price.

    hopefully frank pellow will chime in, he has a 2-1/4 as well and i believe he put it in a table, last i heard he loved it. he should have a good 6-8 months of use in it now.

    keep in mind though the features on the 2 models were different. unless they upgraded the 3hp.

    i guess i wasn't much help. sorry. good luck


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