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Thread: New directory

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    New directory

    Reading this thread

    I think it could be a good idea to make a special directory
    for this kind of thread. This directory will be for inspiration projects
    with its process documented. The name of the directory
    could be how-to or something in this way.
    I have seen in this forum several project that they could be there.

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    Oh boy am I going out on a limb Alfredo.

    First things first: Marty's chest is an incredible labor of love, hard work, inspiration, craftsmanship, and quality.

    While any one of us could say it would inspire us to be better woodworkers, the best thing about Family Woodworking is there is a full range of experience represented within these pages.

    What I mean by this is every single post on this site is an inspiration project.

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    Frank I am agree with you,
    but not completely

    Let me tell you something, on my computer
    I have bookmarked several websites
    that I considered educative, because
    they have beatiful projects and they
    have the information how these projects
    were done. I know that there are books and
    magazines where you can find this information
    in libraries, but there are gentlemen, as me,
    who havenīt access to this info.

    There are FW woodkers who have excellent
    educative websites as Stu, Mike Henderson,
    and others.

    As you said there a wide range of experience
    here but perhaps it is a way to pay tribute
    to our best woodworkers who making an extra
    effort document the process, giving us their

    Sorry if I wrote an english mistake.

    These are my 2 cents.


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