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Thread: Finally got into the shop

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    Finally got into the shop

    I really haven't felt like turning much of late, but I wandered into the garage and knocked these out this morning. From L-R Black walnut over ebony, Cyprus over ebony, Cyprus over purpleheart, Black walnut over maple and English walnut over amboyna. The last 2 are already sold to a nurse at work. Enjoy!
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    very nice my favorite is the one that looks like a bee hive
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    Good looking stuff. The one on the right (looks like maybe two types of burl??) really catches my eye (and the nurse evidently). Keep up the good work.
    Lee Laird
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    Really goo looking stoppers, problem here is all the fellows I know never need a stopper once the bottle is decanted. I have a collection of virgin stoppers laying on my bar...

    Still If I were to ever need one, I would select one of yours, maybe....

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    Hi Jim
    Great job on the stoppers, My favorite is the one on the left.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Larry Hibbs View Post
    Hi Jim
    Great job on the stoppers, My favorite is the one on the left.
    I agree, except my favorite is the one on the far right.
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