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Thread: Some neato nighttime viewing....outside............

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    Some neato nighttime viewing....outside............

    For those that are interested or maybe your kids,

    I've been watching this come together for the last few nights. Pretty cool..........
    Thanks, Mark.

    Custom Bonehead.

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    Too bad the Evil Cloud Monster™ has stolen my sky, lately.
    Can't see nothin' but the Great Grey Nebula.

    -Kevin in (socked in) Indy
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    Everything is lined up beautifully outside my window.
    Venus and Jupiter are all right tonight.

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    Yep, its been beautiful the past few nights!!!
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    Spent a bunch of time trying to capture on 'digifilm' to no avail....

    Well, not to the standards I wanted. Too blurry. But I did enjoy the sight.

    Has anyone seen Sirius lately? At least I think it's sirius. It's really bright and seems to change colors from white/red/blue. It seems quite bright lately.
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