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Thread: Easy / Beginner Plans

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    Easy / Beginner Plans

    Hi. I am searching for some easy / beginner woodworking plans. I have google-ed a bit and haven't found anything interesting.
    I would like the plans to be as detailed as possible. For instance, "cut dovetails" wouldn't do me any good. How do you cut dovetails?
    Basically I would like some "skill-builder" plans.

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    Hi Anthony - welcome to the forum.
    One of the woodworking magazines, I think it might be WOOD has a section called, "I can do that!" These are plans for beginning woodworkers and they are quite detailed. You might try their website to see what's available.

    Are you looking for plans in general, or do you have a specific type (stool, bookcase, etc.) in mind?
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    The magazine Popular Woodworking has a section on skill building projects. It is possible that some of these are on the web site. If not send a PM I might be willing to send my old magazines for shipping costs.


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    You might find a plan or two at this site that catches you fancy.

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    Ooops, should have been more specific. Actually, I don't really care what the project is. I'd like to start small of course. The closest I've come is some projects from this book.
    I'd even like to start with basic hand tools.

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    I like that link, thanks

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    Whatever you decide to build, i would pick something that you can build with the tools you already have or, if you have to buy something, know you'll use it over and over again. Next, i'd go in with simple jointery. If you're new to woodworking, i don't think i'd dive right into dovetails unless you're practicing on scraps. You can do a lot with joints that have more room for fudge, like mortise and tennon joints. With those, most of the joint is hidden, and there are ways to fix just about every kind of flub you can make.
    As far as selecting a project, i tend to go with something i need. For skill building stuff, i usually try to practice the "new" skills on scrap before i dive into the final product. I've got a few machine stands, a work bench, and some storage cabinets / boxes that were essentially trial runs for another project using the same type of skill.
    Have fun with it.
    Paul Hubbman

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    Anothny, Welcome to the Family.

    I was looking for something myself today and stumbled upon this site...looks like a good place to start too.

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    Hi Anthony.

    Im invovled with this hobby for a bit over 2 years now.

    If you want to look at hundreds upon hundreds of plans for free, just stop off at your local library.
    There are dozens of books on woodworking. From everything from building your first box, to building a 2 story home.
    Alot of the books are older, so check the dates, since alot of newer technology exists.

    I purchased a couple of books in Barnes and Noble for 9.99 each, and they were stuffed with plans and pictures of projects.
    2 weeks later, I found the same books in the library.

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