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Thread: Router in a Table Saw

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    Router in a Table Saw

    Got a few minutes at lunch and was wondering if anyone has built a router table on one wing of their table saw. Because of the size of my shop area, I think that this would be a good way to use my space keep from having another thing to move out to work. Got a aged Craftsman contractor saw with cast web-type wings that I would rather replace with something solid anyway. Any suggestions/plans? What is good material and how do you attach it to the saw? Did a couple of searches here on the forum, but didn't see anything specific.
    Roger from Missouri

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    Router in Table Saw

    I did one for my Ridgid TS2400 job site table saw. That is a bit of a different installation than you will want. I suggest you check out the several threads on the Ridgid woodworking forum ( using the search. It has been a frequent topic of discussion.

    For my router insert I used a piece of laminate covered particle board from an old desk top, about 1 1/4" thick. It has worked well. I think almost any laminate covered board of reasonable thickness will serve well.

    Supporting the router table is likely to be a bit specific to your saw, but the above forum should give you plenty of food for thought.

    They are handy and in a small shop that is the way to go.

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    Hi Roger

    I have exactly the same intent and I found a ready made solution. This gives you and extra wing and its durable.

    unfortunately its not cheap. Hence the reason I have not pulled the trigger.

    But take a look at the benchdog site there are a number of solutions.

    For the record I have no affiliation to these people.

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    I added the RT as a wing replacement, then added the wing back,

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	C-man-TS-Small.jpg 
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    then enclosed the router motor, then built an entire router cabinet that bolts to the saw top . . .

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	My-RT-Open-small.jpg 
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    I have a new top that I will be swapping in . .. and the beat goes on.
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    I've done is a couple times, a couple of different ways. My current setup uses a Rockler router table insert that was made to attach to the tablesaw. I'll try to get some pics together later and post them.
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    My General saw has a cast iron router wing added to it. I drilled and countersunk the top so that I could screw the router base directly to the top instead of using an adaptor plate and generic hardware. I find the screw mount much more stable and free of vibration.



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    My table saw only weighs three pounds. If I added a wing and router it would fall over.

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    Dont know what they cost but several folks on SMC have had cast iron TS extensions with router lift provisions done by this outfit and the pics look like very nice work.
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    My bad - they're not cast iron but steel. Here's the generals specs on one they did a Freestuff drawing on last month.

    Steel blanchard ground router extension wing
    1.75" X 16" X" ? (depends on what tables saw the winner has (27",28" or 30")
    Guarantee flat and parallel
    Precision machined miter slot(standard .375" X .750")
    Machined insert hole for .250" X 8.25" X 11.75" router plate
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    Good question Roger

    When I get my new saw, this will be something that I want to do. I have to ask a couple of questions to the guys that have done this.

    Do you use the TS's fence?

    One of the reasons I'm looking at getting the long rails on the new saw, is to put a router table in the extreme right side of the saw, and to use the TS fence, I'd put an auxiliary fence on the TS fence, but I'd still use the TS fence as my base. Is this the wrong way to do it? I see Glenn's set up uses a separate fence, and I see the BenchDog set up that Rob linked to also uses it's own fence, just wondering on that point.

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