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Thread: Another Buckeye box

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    Another Buckeye box

    This one is 2.25x2.25. I kinda jacked the bottom and had to re-cut the lip so the lines don't match well. I stole the finiale idea from Bernie's stoppers. Finished in Mylands cause that's all I have right now . Critique (not on my spelling) needed and welcomed
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    Jim, I think it looks great, nice little box for sure

    If I had to pick on anything, it would be the little finial on top, I think the area where the finial and the top of the box meet needs to be a bit sharper, the definition is lost there (or is it just the picture?).

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    I just think that the shoulder there could be better defined.

    How does the lid fit?

    I love doing boxes, I'm itching to return to the lathe (return.......get it......Oh I am bad.... ) and boxes are on my list of things to do.

    Thanks for showing us your work, guys like me who cannot get to the lathe right now, have to live vicariously through the guys that can

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    Jim, I like the form of this a lot. Well Done.
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    Great looking box out of some nice looking wood.
    Bernie W.

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    I somehow missed this when you posted it, Jim. That's a nice little box. I like the wood, and I like what you did with it.
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    Super looking box Jim. I love Buckeye wood, one of my favorites for pens.

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