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Thread: Got the casters for my lathe stand.

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    Got the casters for my lathe stand.

    A brief update on my DVR lathe stand progress. Well it has color on it. I sprayed the Rustoleum Hammered finish silver thinned a little Xylol. It went on pretty well and looks good. The paint drys to the touch very fast but seems to cure pretty slow so I will give it a few days before doing anymore work on it.

    I also received my casters that I ordered from Great Lakes Caster Co. These are the Foot Master GD60S casters. They are not on their web site but they carry them. The quality if very good. These have the extendable ratchet mechanisms to lower the foot, which works great. About $120 for four with the 15% "Woodnet" discount. A bit cheaper than Zambus units but to me just as nice. I did install them on the base of the stand. They are very smooth and the ratchet mechanism is the only way to go. These casters are rated at 550lbs. each.


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    Being the cheap WWer I am.... I too have casters on my lathe stand (although no where near as nice an outfit as yours, suits me well) I have found that casters on power tools are just as safe as those bolted to the floor. I also found that the fear of "Creeping across the floor " is overcome when you use rubber wheels that are not rated for the weight you have on them. Although they are a bit more difficult to move, they also stay put a lot easier, as well. When rolling the machines around, you are not looking for a speedy retreat but the ability to make them mobile. Soft Rubber wheels allow for the mobility but also make moving difficult enough that you don't have to worry about creeping away from you. (usually when moving around in the shop you are moving a few feet to tuck it away making room for something else.

    Congrads to you for your good choice of goodies, but for us common folk make do works just as well.

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    Alan those look pretty stout and looks like they will work great. My brother put some of those on his Saw Stop. They work great.
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