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Thread: Computer Router

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    Computer Router

    I am in need of a router for the pc. Anyone recommend a good one? I would like to hooke up a second pc for the kids.

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    I had good luck with the D-Link brand. Are you going to be wired or wireless? I have AT&T U-Verse now and don't use a store bought router.

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    I've has a Linksys SRX-200 for a couple years. No problems whatsoever. It just works! By now, there's probably a newer model that's better/faster/makes coffee/whatever, but this one has sure been a good one.
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    Been through three now. Linksys is by far the best one so far. Good reveiws and the sales guy tells me it has the least problems/returns.
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    Linksys WRT54GL

    ~ $54 shipped from Amazon
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    I have a Netgear router upstairs next to the computer and like it a lot. I also have a Linksys range extender downstairs to help get/boost the wireless signal down there better. It amazing how much that range extender helped.
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    Linksys. Can't go wrong.
    I had (still have but don't use) an early Microsoft. Worked OK. But whenever I had to make changes, like a new computer I had to call MS and spend a couple hours on the phone installing it. Requires a couple impossibly long strings of numbers and other Voo-doo be typed in to make it work. You can have it if you'll just pay shipping.

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    I installed a D-Link in our church and the single router services (wireless) a 75' radius with no problems.
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    I use a Linksys WRT54G wireless router. My office computer is on one of the ethernet direct ports. I use the wireless for my shop computer (about 100' away) because it was cheaper than burying hardline out there. My laptop works from almost anywhere on our lot, also.
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    I use the Linksys WRT54G as well, but reloaded it with an open source firmware called HyperWRT. The software allowed me to boost the signal (changed from a default of 60% to 100%) to get to all three levels of my house as well as the garage and patio from the basement. Before I loaded it, I couldn't get it on my patio from outside even when I could see the dern thing through the window. It also allowed me to set priority on my mac address so that my kids music and video downloads didn't affect my link's speed.

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