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Thread: Don't skip the dry fit!!

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    Red face Don't skip the dry fit!!

    I'm making a sorta craftsman style dining table with lots of mortises and tenons (aprons, stretchers, vertical slats). I carefully fit each and every m&t set and did a couple over that were not solid fits, so I was confident that the thing will go together just fine. Still, something inside me said - you gotta do a dry fit. But on the other hand, it sure would be nice to get the sucker glued up today before we start the holidays for real.

    Well, my conscience got the best of me and I did a dry fit. To my shock, the last assembly failed

    The tenons stopped about 1/4 inch short of the legs.

    Then I remembered - oh yeah, I designed the tenons to be mitered and I haven't done that yet. They fit fine when only one was in the leg, but there's not enough room for both at the same time.

    Easy to fix, but can you imagine if I had made this discovery with glue on the joints - arrgghh

    Happy holidays all.

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    I'd have probably been the one to go ahead with the glue up and then stomped and cussed! Glad to hear you checked it first!

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    That tells me your better than me Jesse. I dry fit several times before I get brave and glue. Still find something wrong!

    But yes, excellent advice.

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    Timing is everything. I've had bad timing more times than I care to remember.
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