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Thread: Don't know why I keep making these things, OCD I guess

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    Don't know why I keep making these things, OCD I guess

    Here is another in my 'Urn series' titled 'Jug d'Triumph' ..................(sorry, got carried away with the smilies) Its part flatwork and part turned. 18" tall and 11.5 wide. The bottom section is staved, which I originally intended to turn, but changed course and decided to shape it with flutes using a convex drawknife, goosneck scraper, etc. I got the bright Idea to make it all without using a lathe as an exercise to see if it could be done, just using the bandsaw, router, and handtools. The top part turned out to be problematic, and I finally scrapped the idea. I still think it could be done, I just ran out of time and patience, and ended up turning the top portion. The bottom is lightly birdseyed alder and walnut, the top is walnut, Honduran Mahogany, and down-the-street orange wood.
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    nice at least your tryu to get healed from the turners disease thats a step in the right direction.. nice vessel there!
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    Beautiful excecution. Very unique piece.
    I believe you should either keep or give as a gift.
    You will never be able charge enough to recover the time and labor that went into that.

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    Barry, this could be posted here in lathe land, in flatwork and in the neander used them all.

    I'd say the title is perfect, you did triumph with this jug.
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    That is one of the most amazing projects I have seen on here. If I thought about giving it away It would have to be a very very very special friend to get it or I would have to keep it for myself and display it in my home.
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    Beautiful piece. Like was said it would have to be a special friend or I would keep it. Well done.
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    Wow...It's nice to see something that looks like it was turned, but wasn't!! Cool stuff Barry
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    Beautiful combination of flatwork and lathe work. You have done justice to all gorgeous woods.

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    Beautiful piece. I think it would be a candidate for the AAW forum since the majority of the stuff I see featured there incorporates a wee bit of turning and whole lot of other stuff.

    Regardless of the tools or method used, however, you hit a home run with that one.

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    Thanks for the complements, guys. Don't know what I'll do with it yet. Don't want to take it to a craft show; some looky-lou might drop it or something. One of these days I might go over to Scottsdale ( the wealthy side of town) and try and strike up a deal with one of their galleries so I can show/sell a couple of pieces there.

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