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A short note: WIA - Woodworking in America, in case you are not familiar with this new acronym.

Over the years, Christopher Schwarz has built many benches - from the Roman style door-and-saw horse, to much-improved models based on old references. And he has published a book that has become a true library reference for many woodworkers: Workbenches, From Design & Theory to Construction & Use.

Now to Part 1: From my notes, a mix of some comments and facts from the presentation by Christopher Schwarz. I hope the following will get your interest in watching the video:
  • Target: How to build a bench at a reasonable cost - It must appeal to readers. Thus, the $175 bench.
  • Evolution of a simple bench, over time.
  • “Fights” with Joel Moskowitz in Joel’s apartment, while looking at his world-class woodworking library - Roubo found; Plate 11, the start of The Schwarz’s “conversion”.
  • Built the first Roubo for $300, including the crochet (pronounced “crow-shay”, not “croh-chett”…) and put it through its paces.
  • Some comments on the minuses of the European benches.
  • His research led Chris to ask himself “…what other early, cool benches might be buried in the literature?”
Next: Part 2 of the session on Forgotten Workbenches and Workholding.

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