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Thread: His and Hers Cactus Pen Set

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    His and Hers Cactus Pen Set

    A few months ago I donated a his/hers Statesman/Jr. Statesman Fountain pen along with a mesquite display case to a local charity auction. It was the most popular silent auction item and ended up selling for $1,000. Anyway, the wife of the runner-up bidder contacted me a few weeks ago and commissioned me to make another one for her husband for Christmas. This is the final results right before I delivered them this morning:

    The pens are clear resin with black centers and the base is covered with black velvet. The prop is obviously a piece of cactus skeleton. The case is made with mesquite that I salvaged from a road construction site. I milled the lumber, cut the glass, and made the case. No mechanical fasteners of any sort were used for the construction of the case.

    I am quite proud of the finished product and more importantly, she was very pleased with it. If anyone would like close-ups of the case construction for ideas on building your own, let me know. I took a number of close-ups while I was photographing the whole thing.

    For those who are not familiar with cactus pens...A few months ago I created a process to use prickly pear cactus skeletons to make pens. I process the dead cactus pads to remove the pulp and leave the woody skeleton and then bleach it and dry it in a little kiln I made. I then cut it up and cast it in Alumilite urethane resin to make the pen blank.

    Thanks for looking!
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    Curtis O. Seebeck
    Need cactus pen blanks?

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    Curtis, those are really really nice, man you do good work.

    Thanks for sharing with us, and yes, I'd be interested in a more detailed set of pics, not that I'll be getting any Cactus here in Japan but just for the enjoyment of seeing how you do it all!

    No hurry, I'm swamped right now!

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    Once again, those are the coolest pens I can recall seeing, Curtis. The presentation with the case and prop and all is great, but it's icing on the cake when those pens are the centerpiece.
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    Curtis those are beautiful. Very nice job.
    Bernie W.

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    Curtis you have every right to be proud of that display.

    Those pens are just awesome.
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    Very nice pens Curtis. You should be proud.

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    Curtis those are beautiful pens and the case looks great. Thanks for posting.

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    Those are some truly fine pens you've created, using a truly unique blank, and a suitably formal display case. Great work have every right to be proud!

    I was going to ask for more detail on making those blanks, but after visiting your site, I see you're selling them. Giving away the manufacturing technique wouldn't be a good business idea, so I won't ask. But I'll probably be ordering some once I get the shop finished...

    Can I ask what kits you use for your pens. With a set going for the sort of money yours demand, I would expect nothing but the best and am interested in what you've chosen.

    Thanks for sharing...
    - Marty -
    Fivebraids, Inc.
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