View Poll Results: Do you still use a portable belt sander in your shop?

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  • Yes: All the time, just try and pry it out of my hands!

    33 35.87%
  • No: Belt Sanders, oh yes I remember them dinosaurs. Hard to control and left lots of gouges in the wood!

    13 14.13%
  • Sometimes: For rounding over things, but little else!

    45 48.91%
  • What are you talking about? Never heard of them.

    1 1.09%
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Thread: Belt Sander Poll: Still Used?

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    Belt Sander Poll: Still Used?

    Does anyone still use a belt sander, or has Random orbit sanders made them obsolete?
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    travis i think you could possibly refrase your answers... at least the soemtimes one if it read just sometimes then that would be a good answer but i use mine for more than just rounding off.. just my thoughts.. but if we look at it as just the sometimes only then you could get the votes your after. mine does collect dust but i wont be selling it any time soon,, jist remebered that guy that made that confernce table that steve ash posted along time back well that was anded alot by one of the new little belt sanders by porter cable,, he was so impressed with that sander he went out and bought two more.. and told us to get one, i havnt yet but have looked many times..
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    I work (as a junior employee - great job for a retired businessman ) in a cabinet shop that does commercial cabinetry. The belt sander is an indispensable part of the tools selection that we have. It gets used for flushing gable joints on faces and tops, grinding filler strips down to the scribe line and many other services. We have three of them, one for each of us and the job would be much harder without them.



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    No. Threw one out I inherited. Actually, "threw" is not accurate. I lugged it to the trash and disposed of. Locomotive size and very old. Now, I wish I had it back. Am shopping for a good used one.

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    I use one very seldom but, like some other tools, when you want one; its nice to have one.
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    at least weekly.......good ol` p/c 504......bullet-proof!
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    I've got a portable Belt sander and a Hand held planer.

    Don't use either one very frequently, but when I do, they come in handy.

    Used the planer for a mast for a small dingy sailboat I made.

    I use my stationary belt sander all the time for things.

    Like doing inlays on pen blanks, etc...

    And I use my drum sander for leveling off the top of cutting boards and such.
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    Funny you should ask. I have one and I don't like it. But I do find times I need it and today was one of them. Cut out three egg shaped pieces that needed to be identical. Of course they were not. Clamped them together and started using my big rasp to even them out and realized this was to hard to do by hand.

    Grabbed my very old metal belt sander, an 80 grit belt and within 10 minutes I had 3 matching pieces. Probably won't use it again for 3 months or more.

    Last time I use it was with 50 grit paper to clean up a maple bench top I bought that was badly scared. That was the quickest way to get down to good wood.
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    Hi Travis
    Could not vote because I dont have one but would like to get one of these small units

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    I don't use one often and couldn't tell you the last time. I got the old B&D at a garage sale in about '87 for 5 bucks had a bad switch that I replaced for a few bucks more. But I'll be using it next week to scribe some baseboard material to a new tile floor I laid yesterday. Have to dig it out of storage and make sure the old mustard colored thing still works. As often as I use it, I'd hate to have to buy another one.


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