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Thread: Maple Natural Edge

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    Maple Natural Edge

    I started turning this piece over a year ago. I screwed a faceplate onto a hunk of maple and started to shape it. I had to abruptly leave the lathe to tend to something else and by the time I came back it had cracked and warped. It took off the faceplate and threw the chunk of wood onto the floor. A few months later while emptying the shop of curlies, I uncovered it again. I threw it back on the lathe and now it was so hard my tools were dulling every 2 minutes. It was a rough form by this time so I decided to experiment with ebonizing maple. It took the vinegar/steel wool concoction well but only to a gray tone, not black. Discouraged I tossed it onto the wood pile once again.

    Fast forward about 8 months, regrettably that is how long I waited to clean out the curlies again, I put the maple back on the lathe. This time for some reason it cut like butter and the final shape took form in no time at all. By this time the ebonizing made the voids darker along with the natural rim look like bark again. It did take a little glue to hold it all together in the end, but I am pleased with the outcome. It is about 12" in diameter and 5" at it highest.

    I only wish I had taken pictures throughout the process. Why it didn't end up in the fireplace I will never know, but I'm glad it didn't.

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    Interesting story and it ended up with an interesting piece to show.
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    Great save Jeff. Some times a second or third look is what it takes.

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    Sometimes a persistent piece of wood can surprise you, huh? This one REALLY wanted to be a bowl.
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    Great looking piece Jeff. Yep had no place in the firewood pile for sure. Glad you stuck with it.
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    Jeff nice piece of work, I don't have a lotta luck with Natural Edge anythings, I end up with more Coffee Grounds than I do Bark.

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    well jeff like vaughn said it was inevitable it wanted to be a bowl! hopefully you and the rst of us can learn form your expeirnce those projects we start and loose track of or give up on should just set up on shelf till our minds are right for the final journey..
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