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Thread: Shaker "Barbie Doll" Trays

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    Shaker "Barbie Doll" Trays

    I made these custom Shaker "Barbie" Trays for my granddaughters, ages two and four, for Christmas gifts. I realize they look very similar to the silverware tray in an article by Chris Schwarz in the Spring 06 issue of Woodworking Magazine, but these tray are destined to carry Barbie stuff and whatever else little girls choose to drag around the house.

    The tray was the second day's project of a weekend hand planes class I took with Mr. Schwartz at Kelly Mehler's School last year; a really rewarding experience. The trays are made of cherry finished with BLO. Although I did not make them entirely with hand tools, a hand plane or a spokeshave has caressed every surface of every board.

    Thanks for looking

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    Hi George.

    By the title of your post and not having a scale indicator next to them in the pics I first assumed that they were doll size, (dumb of me) I mean as if it were the barbie dolls the ones who were going to carry them. Af reading your explanation I understood...

    Those are great looking trays, I'm sure that they will have a lot of use, actually while I'm writing this I'm thinking about my niece (5 year old) and I'm pretty sure she'd love to have one so I might copy your idea for a Christmas gift.
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    Great looking trays!

    Would it be "against the rules" to round over the gripping parts of the handle? Then again, maybe Barbie paraphernalia won't get heavy enough to cause the girls discomfort....

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    Very nice work, George. And that cherry is just going to get richer and richer in color over time.

    Per your request, I went ahead and moved this thread over to the Handtool area.
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    Kerry, On a previous tray I did just that and put a considerable radius on the inside of the handle. I considered doing it on these but decided decided to stay as true as I could to the one in the Woodworking Magazine. The handle opening does have a small chamfer (1/16") to eliminate the sharp edge. Thanks for your comments. George

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