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Thread: Cleaning pitch build-up

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    Cleaning pitch build-up

    To most of you this is probably old hat, if so stop reading. I just read about using Fantastik Orange Action to clean pitch build-up on saw blades and router bits. My wife buys it by the gallon at Ace Hardware and it works great. Funny thing is it looks like the stuff that the woodworking supply places sell for a fortune in small bottles.


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    a neat way to soak them is in a old fryun pan..doesnt take much liguide and it has a handle to move it with.. just make sure you get a large one...
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    Yup - what Larry said. And ... another commonly available cleaner is Pine-Sol. A tablespoon in a gallon of water and then soak your blade in it works wonders...



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    Quote Originally Posted by larry merlau View Post
    yup and simple green works too.. a neat way to soak them is in a old fryun pan..doesnt take much liguide and it has a handle to move it with.. just make sure you get a large one...
    Simple Green has a warning that says it breaks down the brazing compounds that binds the carbide to the steel blade, but I have always used Simple Green and have never had a problem. I am not saying its right, but just letting everyone know they do have a warning regarding it in this application.

    As taken from another forum:

    It's no urban legend that easy off can damage blades. The lye in it will attack the brazing holding the carbide teeth onto the blade. Not everyone uses the same method to attach them but Freud specifically says easy off WILL damage their blades. Anyone who has sprayed easy off on certain kinds of metals knows how it can strip off anodization or pit the surface real quick. There are better cleaners out there, its not worth the risk.

    Also a word of warning on simple green. Do not leave the blade soaked in it. If you use it, rinse it off immediately. Simple green causes steel, carbide and other metals to go brittle and shatter during extended exposure to it. This comes straight from them
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    IIRC, the people at Forrest recommend Formula 409 - this is what I have always used and I've been satisfied with the results. Spray on, wait about 1 minute, scrub with a soft brush (tooth brush, hand brush, etc.) and rinse.
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    Quote Originally Posted by larry merlau View Post
    ...a neat way to soak them is in a old fryun pan..doesnt take much liguide and it has a handle to move it with.. just make sure you get a large one...
    The lid for a five gallon bucket works well, too.
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    I used to use Simple Green till the maufacturer suggested NOT so I went with Washing Soda (Different from Baking Soda) Man do it do the job, much better than Simple Green.

    As for Awesome, it contains Hydrogen Sulfide (Lye) so have stayed away from it.

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    Well I'm going to have to try Washing Soda.
    I have been using Simple Green for 4 years with no problems.

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