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Thread: Santa is coming to town...

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    Santa is coming to town...

    Went to HD to pick out a tree, just had to mozy through in case there was something I needed.... SWMBO was at my side as we walked past the tool section when she saw my neck turn completely arround as I saw a fellow demonstrating Dremel's new version of the Fein Multimaster. $99.00..

    "You want Santa to bring it to you?" She says.... All of a sudden it was in the basket...

    Oh yes, we got a nice tree, as well. Standing in the living room with a new present under it.

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    Congrats...I didn't know Dremel had entered that market. I've been looking at similar tools (including the Bosch cordless version), but I guess I need to look at the Dremel version, too.

    Ho ho ho, eh?
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    That will be sweet. After Christmas post a review! Can't wait to read it.

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    I just saw this new entry from HF.... I wonder how it would hold up?
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    Then there is the Rockwell Sonicrafter.
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    Have you used it yet Bill, any pics of it?
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    Bart that Rockwell looks interesting. I've never used a Fein or any other similar tool. Do they have a real place in the shop or is it a once in a while tool?

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