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Thread: Gift for my little girl

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    Gift for my little girl

    I saw something like this online and figured that I could do it and do it better. Its a gift for my little girl she is 7 and is into the American Girl Doll stuff. Hope she surprised tomorrow.

    Everyone have a happy and safe holiday.
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    I'd bet a good bottle of Marty's whiskey that she will be over the moon!


    She will remember this Christmas for a LONG time, you done GOOD Dad!

    Lucky girl!
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    Nicely done Tom. It is sure to be a hit Christmas morning.

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    Thats one of those gifts they appreciate more as they get older!

    Very nice job

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    Very nice. I'm sure that she will really love it and treasure it for years.

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    Now that, is very cool. Nicely done indeed .

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