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Thread: Twisted cabinet doors

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    Twisted cabinet doors

    IŽve got some wrap problems on cabinet doors. They consist of a 1/2" MDF core and two 3/16" Veneered Plywood attached at each side like a sandwich.
    A few days after the job was finished, they become to twist quite a bit. Door dimensions are 33" by 24".
    IŽll be grateful to receive some advise regarding gluing and some other tips in order to avoid door wrapping.

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    Hi Eduardo, welcome to the Family

    I'm really sorry about the door warping, that has to suck.

    A quick question, did you finish the outside and the inside of the doors, or just one side? I've known full sized doors to warp badly in just a day or two if only one side was painted, for example.

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    To go along with Stu's suggestion...If these are one piece doors I would recommend making them into 2 doors splitting the width in half.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bart Leetch View Post
    To go along with Stu's suggestion...If these are one piece doors I would recommend making them into 2 doors splitting the width in half.
    as bart says your pushing the limits on a single door size,,as for the ply veneer causing your warpage the glue on both sides should have equalled the stress..and if finish was applied to the exterior faces.. mdf is normally quite stabil. get us some pics and maybe we can help out more.
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    I have had trouble with plywood and MDF sandwiches... neither is willing to be docile, so they fight (warp, twist). And with the variations in plywood these days, I wouldnt bet that the thin ply on each side are comparable, even if they are from the same sheet.

    My theory of veneer goes like this. You need a stable substrate (MDF is fine). Then you need a veneer that is thin enough to not be able to bend anything, firmly glued to the substrate. How thin is thin enough is up for debate... I think 1/16 is pretty thick, and needs to be sanded down, but some experts recently have argued that 1/8 inch before sanding is okay. In either case, if the veneer is thin enough, changes in moisture expands and contracts the thickness of the veneer, since it is too thin to move the substrate sideways. Then to add suspenders to your belt, put a similar veneer on the back side so that any expand/shrink pressures that survive despite being thin are balanced by similar pressures on the back.
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