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    Back with Questions

    Just getting back following Introductions last month and have some questions I thought I may get some help or comments?

    Setting up Mitre Station:
    My build-out is coming along well for the M/Station. Benchtop is dbl-layered 3/4" Melamie with Drop-down for Dewalt 705 12" which is boted down with
    (4) 1/2" Wing bolts.

    I'm planning to dado T-Track to allow Fence to slide and it can also accomodate my Router Fence. Looking at "T-Track", although it looks like Hartsville also sells some nice Track, as well as Kreg. The drop-down that houses my M/Saw is built so I can slide it out on a seperate piece of Melamie board. This allows me to pull it out and extend my Cutting length range should I be working with more than 8"ft boards. Have to open the Shop door into Hallway.

    The way I have designed this station will allow me to use the same space for a Router station. If I pull the M/Saw section completely out, I can than insert a seperate Boxed type insert that I'm assembling that will have my Router plate with Router mounted below. The center portion of the M/Station is an open Cabinet which will house my Shop-Vac and Router accessories.

    In trying to contain costs but get good quality I am looking at the following equipment and wanted to get a general consensus before purchasing:
    1.) I was planning to use Melamie (either 1/2 or 3/4") for the M/Saw fence. Will the T-Track mount OK to this design and should I Dbl-up with Hard-wood for Facing?
    2.) If I reinforce the Melamie for a Router Table-top, it is my preferred material to keep the Bench-top, M/Saw area, and Router top uniform?
    3.) What is my best choice of the "Many-Many " Inserts?
    I'm considering Kreg insert + Fence / Hartsville insert + Fence, or the Freud SH-5?
    4.) Although I have (2) Routers, 3/4HP B/Decker and 1 1/2HP Craftsman, I am looking to Dedicate an under table unit using either a SKIL for $85.00 which seems to have decent adjustment range and controls, or Spring for a Hatachi MV-12 as these seem to get excellent Reviews. Probably have to be a Re-Con which sell for $110.00

    Hope to borrow G-Kids Digital and post some shots of progress over the holidays

    FYI: The Mrs is already looking around shop and counting $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


    Bruce N.

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    I'll try to help on some of your questions.

    1 & 2. Melamine is used for many applications like yours. I chose to use MDF for my shop tables and used a double layer for stability for my router. For added protection, I brushed on two coats of shellac, then finished with two coats of wax.

    3. There are many good inserts -- the choice comes down to your pain threshold on cost vs features. Also, be sure it will work with your choice of router.

    4. I have several routers, but chose the Hitachi M12V for the router table when I built my new shop.

    I know what you mean about the $$$$$ aspect. Fortunately, LOML fully backs anything I want to do with my shop.
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    another vote for the m12v its work horse and much better than the one your thinkun of using..
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    And yet another vote for the Hitachi M12-V. It's head and shoulders above the others you mentioned.
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