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Thread: Hybrid HF

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    Hybrid HF

    I decided I don't like the swan neck HF tool much so I ordered the straight one. I think it's just me and the lack of technique. So until it gets here, I did this out of black walnut. Most HF's don't have a foot, per se but this one got it 'cause I don't have a donut chuck. 4x2 w/ .25 wall. Merry Christmas All
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    Great finish on this one Jim! I like how the top dips down from the outer rim as well.
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    Lookin' good.
    Wats with the foot thing?
    No foots on HFs? Is that some kinda law?
    Foots looks good from here.

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    Looks good the me Jim. I like the foot. Well done. When using the swan neck tool Jim in dry wood you need light cuts. Just keep practicing it will come.
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