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Thread: Finally got it!

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    Finally got it!

    Been putting all the money I make form woodworking to the side; craft shows and comissions, etc., for about a year, till I had enough to get me this motorcycle I've been yearning for; Suzuki DR650. Well, I went in the hole a little, but when I finish the comission I'm working on now for a breakfast nook, I'll be square. A motorcycle was my primary transportation from the time I was 15 till my late 20s. I always intended to get another but it never got high enough on my priority list with marriage, kids, and all. But since I turned 50 I decided its now or never. I've had it a couple of weeks and am really enjoying it. It's a great 'spotter vehicle' when looking for wood, and at 57 MPG it's pretty cheap too. And of course, chicks dig motorcycles, although I haven't talked my wife into taking a ride with me yet. Barry
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    go for it man, you only live once!(youre a young looking 50, dude)

    just dont break anything, cause you aint 20 anymore.

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    Happy for you!

    I am with the other comment. Enjoy but exercise more caution than when you were 20. You story is not as crazy as mine. I have always wanted a plain Honda Goldwing because I couldnt have one when I was young and then I got married, kids, etc other priorities. Sound familiar. Well, I was recently given one and I am in the process of totally restoring it. It going to be great. Now to the crazy part. I was paralyzed in an accident and through surgery and neck fusion they were able to get my limbs to move again. That was 4 years ago and I am still in therapy. If you were to see me you would never know but I still want to get on that bike and try it out. Know what I mean? I guess if a cowboy falls off his horse and gets back on it then I guess I can, but believe me it will be will great caution and maybe not even on a hwy but I am going to enjoy having it even if its just washing it and waxing it. Nice bike!!!

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    Congrats, Barry. Pretty much all of my limited motorcycle riding in my younger days was on Honda enduros. I always liked the concept of a street-legal bike that was capable of jumping a curb and going off-road if necessary.
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    Finally got it!

    So Barry,,

    When's the guy in the picture going to turn 50? Looks like it could be a while.

    Aloha & enjoy,

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    Vaughn said
    I always liked the concept of a street-legal bike that was capable of jumping a curb and going off-road if necessary
    Exactly!!. I know a lot of guys in "midlife crisis" get Harleys, and I even toyed with the idea briefly, but decided the enduro was much more pratical and much cheaper in every way, Geeze, by the time I save enough money for a Harley, I would be too old to ride it!. I really like exploring old roads and trails, and there are a ton here in AZ. A street bike just wouldn't cut it.

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