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Thread: If you could buy any cordless drill, which would it be?

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    If you could buy any cordless drill, which would it be?

    We are going to do a woodworking club cordless drill review tomorrow at lunch (monthly woodworking meeting). I am looking for input on what the forum community would purchase if you could buy any cordless drill and why. Also if you have cordless impact, and cordless screw driver preference please list that as well. Cordless battery models only please and preferably ones available in the US. Rough cost if you know that too.


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    I've been very happy with both my Hitachi drill and impact driver. Both are 14.4v models, and they are both used often. I also have an 18v Ryobi drill and 19.2v Craftsman drill, but the Hitachi is the one I reach for. The Hitachi drill also came with a 14.4v flashlight that we use pretty much every night.

    And in case anyone reading this has any doubts, impact drivers are well worth the money.
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    I have the Makita 18V Cordless LXT Lithium-Ion 1/2" Driver Drill Kit
    Model BDF452HW.
    This is the one I wanted and got. Tons of power and Li-Ion. Also very ergonomic.
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    I have a Makita 14.4V and a Hitachi 14.4V (like Vaughn's) and the Hitachi is the one I use the most... Smaller, lighter, powerful and never let's me down. I'd like to get an impact driver, and would go with the Hitachi 18V.

    Here's a review of lots of brands, but I'm not sure of the date...for what it's worth.

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    I have the Makita's 12V, driver and impact. Old, I know, but work fine for me.

    However, I was in Lowe's a week ago and the Milwaukee rep was in showing off stuff. They have some new drill, drivers, and impacts. VERY ergonomic, same price as the rest, over a hundred each. LI-ion batteries. Don't remember the voltage. How they fit the hand is more important to me. Some kits available.

    Wasn't interested in buying so I didn't really price them.

    But if I were in the market, these would get some very serious attention on my part. One fits the smaller hand (mine!) very well. I pointed it out to him and he seemed surprised someone would think that important.

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    If you could buy any cordless drill, which would it be?

    I have DeWalts.

    DW-990 14.4V 1/2" drill/driver
    DW-054 14.4V 1/4" impact driver

    I bought the 990 back about 10 years ago I think. The kit (drill, two batts, charger & case) cost near $200.00 back then. I have used it quite a bit and only bought two new XRP batteries for it about 4 years ago. The original XR batteries were getting weak but still worked for a short while.

    I bought the 054 used last year and I have to agree with Vaughn, they are worth the money. I only paid $50 dollars for it (driver, two XR batts and charger) and the seller said the batteries were weak and wouldn't hold a charge. I haven't been able to kill those batteries yet. I just charged them normally and they workgood. Now I have 4 good batteries and two fair ones.

    I am very happy with these tools. I had owned older Craftsman 9.6 and 12 volt drills, but they didn't last. I have used Makitas and didn't like the feel.

    I guess I would pick DeWalt.
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    Like Craig I "have" the Makita 18V Cordless LXT Lithium-Ion 1/2" Driver Drill Kit
    Model BDF452HW. By "have" I mean the set is "in the mail", expected shortly.

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    Hitachi or Makita, I've also had some luck with the Panasonic brand.

    Stay away from the Green Bosch, they have not worked well for me at all, the Blue Bosch seem to be a lot better than the green Bosch.

    Lots to choose from out there, and I'll also say the impact drivers are well worth the money!
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    Don't have an impact driver, (sure want one though). I have the 14.4 v DeWalt XRP I bought reconditioned about 3 or 4 yrs ago and have been very pleased with it and it has got a LOT of heavy use. I did wear out several Makita's over the years but the later ones didn't seem to hold up like the earlier ones had.

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    a pair of panasonics 15.6 have worked well and also blue bosch brute14.4 and there little one p20 i thnk and i want one of there little impacks..the little size and litutum batteries are great 10.6 last a long time and has power that you wouldnt think was there.
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