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Thread: Wood Workers Institute Website

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    Wood Workers Institute Website

    Not sure this is the right place to start this thread, but I treat great websites as "tools"

    I'm sure many of you have seen this site, but it is new to me and there are tons of articles on the site for flatwork, turning, carving and more!

    Woodworker's Insitute Website

    Guild of Master Craftsmen Publications runs it.
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    Hi Jeff,

    Yes, and their magazine Furniture & Cabinetmaking is pretty good too. This is a British organization (the Guild) and has many outstanding members. For me one of the best and best known in the US is David Charlesworth.

    By the way, they have an excellent offer at the top of the page, just pay for shipping and get a book from their collection. I got the Carcass Furniture about three weeks ago and am enjoying it very much.
    Bill Antonacchio

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