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Thread: My Quality Grinding Extension Wing!!!

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    My Quality Grinding Extension Wing!!!

    Yesterday was a good day. I met the UPS guy at the steps to my porch. "Man, this is dang heavy...", he said.

    That's a whole lotta steel, my man!!

    I hefted the box up onto the counter, and popped it open. I was met with this gleaming piece of steel...

    It's a beautifully-crafted piece of work. Chris included three bolts that perfectly matched my saw...

    Chris even autographed it for me!!!

    Now came the fun part...getting this beast onto my saw. At this point, I'm going to advice all of you against doing it alone...which is how I did it. My entire house has been hit by the flu bug (including me), so nobody was available. But I just HAD to mount my new toy!! After assessing the situation, employing the use of some bracing, and a whole lotta patience, I finally got all three bolts in!!

    Sure is purty!!!

    The first thing I noticed is that I'm obviously going to need some bracing underneath. My plans are to build a cabinet.

    Now, I have a question. This router extension replaced a smalled cast iron extension wing that came with the saw. That wing is only 10.25" wide. After standing and looking at the saw after I mounted the router wing, I started thinking, "Why couldn't I use the other wing, too?" Take a look at this picture...

    I measured the length of the front and back rails, beyond the router wing, and there is plenty of room to mount the other wing. If I tapped the cast iron wing and the rails appropriately, and then braced everything, is there a reason that this wouldn't be a viable option?

    I'll continue to update this thread as I install the plate and lift. Thanks for looking!

    - Keith
    "Listen, here's the thing. If you can't spot the sucker in the first half hour at the table, then you ARE the sucker. "

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    It will work, however that is going to need some legs under it to keep it level with the main table. Where did you get that add on wing from?

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    Did that come via regular UPS or UPS Freight? I think regular UPS has an 80 Lb limit IIRC. The one I'm contemplating is a about 8" wider so was just curious.
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    Extension shipping method

    The two 16" extensions for my PM2700 shaper that came from Chris at Quality Grinding and Machine weighed in at 79 lbs each and came UPS Freight. I would assume that Chris used the same method for shipping this extension.

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