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Thread: Full Spectrum Lighting

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    Full Spectrum Lighting

    Anyone have any suggestions on full spectrum lighting?

    I bought some 5100 degree lights for my work area and they make a huge difference to these 60 year old eyes.

    Now I need one for the living room where my wife reads.

    Much talk about Ott Lights but from what I read they have a ballast problem and Ott is not real good bout standing behind their products.

    I am looking at the BlueMax series of lights from Fullspectrumsolutions.

    Any thoughts?

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    You could get me started on a whole new subject just by asking about FLS.
    It started when my mother first went into a nursing home. It wasn't long before I noticed a complete change in attitude and personality. Plain and simple it was depression. Then one day she and others were taken on an outing fishing. Her mood and attitude were back to happy and normal for several days after that. My sister, who lives in Alaska, said that our mother needed full spectrum lighting and that what was happening to her was common in Alaska during their long, gloomy, winters. 'cabin fever' is not a myth, it is a real condition that can be cured with sunshine or FLS lights.
    That's the lecture in a capsule. I believe all nursing homes, and many other facilities should be required to have FSL.
    To answere your question. Quick Google searches will bring up many lights and sources for them.

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    Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
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    I'm all for it. Made my bulb purchase on eBay and replaced all the lights in the cans in the basement. The difference is night and day.

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