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Thread: How do you feel about lending your tools to someone else.

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    How do you feel about lending your tools to someone else.

    Hello everyone,

    Here is a topic that I though would be interesting to see opinions on.

    Chuck and Jonathan made me think of starting a thread when reading Chucks thread

    I am rather perplexed about this subject. I would like to help friends out and be a good neighbor but some people dont seem to appreciate or care for tools when you lend them out. What I try and do (which drags me into their dilema) is to rather help them accomplish the task that is needed by my tool as opposed to letting them have the item they need with them not having any knowledge of how to use it.
    But then there are those that dont buy any tools and sponge off you perpetually. I try and avoid those people.
    My SWMBO says dont sweat they are only tools, but hey I have carefully selected my tools and paid good money for them and expect them to last because I know I will look after them. Why should you put up with someone else wearing out your tools.

    Whats your view on this subject. Maybe you can help me be more flexible on the matter or NOT.

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    Rob, I lend mine out, and borrow others all the time. That said, those that I lend to and borrow from know that the borrower must live up to the golden rule..."Thou shalt treat tools with the same respect as their owners"

    My MIL recently let her neighor borrow here mower. He brought it back after using it saying "it doesn't work right anymore, sorry" She quickly said what happened, he said he didn't know. She was speechless and he just walked away. After fuming about it, the next morning she knocked on his door at 6am and after 10 minutes he came to the door. She said, "I leaving this mower on your porch and you are going to bring it back in the same working order you borrowed it!" He said OK and went back up to bed. Later that day it was back in her driveway, still not working...I'm not sure what she will do next, but I'm not asking either...she is not happy, I think her neighbor is ranking up their with Stu's neighbor to the apartment rehab.
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    I don't loan out any tools. Saves me from picking and choosing who I would loan to. I will try to help anyone within my limits. They are my tools, they can go buy their own like I did. Loan out your wife's underwear, tell her, "but dear, it is only underwear!!" Oh, then duck!!

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    Good question. I suppose the answer is dependant on what tool and to whom?
    I would be reluctant to loan lathe tools to someone I don't know very well.
    I once loaned my stock trailer to someone I knew. He had a friend of his help. Several weeks later my trailer was missing from the farm. A few days later it mysteriously reappeared. After many phone calls, I traced it to a friend of the helper. The helper had "loaned" my trailer to his friend.
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    Hard to answer. Would be on a person by person and tool by tool situation.

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    There's an old saying. There are three things you never ask to borrow from a man;
    His wife
    His truck
    His tools

    Not necessarily in that order.

    That being said, I do have 1 or 2 people I will lend to - for some tools, not all.
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    will loan out to family and those i trust, all others have no chance! i have been burnt by other's and dont go back for seconds much. i even clean up rented tools better than i get them.
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    For me it depends on the friend and the tool. Had a period where my son would loan out my tools. After paying to replace a few, he stopped that. I typically have a good brand and a cheaper brand of most everything. The cheaper brand usually gets loaned. Having more than one of everything I picked up from my Dad...or half of them were his tools before he retired.

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    I've got a next door neighbor who raked leaves about 2 months ago. The rake has been lying on the lawn ever since and is now covered by about an inch or so of hard packed snow. Last weekend - knock, knock, knock. Do I have a wrench they can borrow? Sorry man - I've seen how you treat your tools, and it ain't happening with mine.
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    I might look at it a little differently because I'm kind of anti-social and keep my stuff pretty closed. To me, taking care of my tools also means I don't put them into harms way. That means if I can't see it being used, it doesn't happen. Taking good care of your stuff, to me, includes not letting someone else have the chance to wreck it.

    I don't lend tools out to anyone who isn't known to be skilled with that tool. I have woodworking friends that I'll swap tools with because I respect their knowledge and abilities. I've seen it firsthand. So they can borrow my stuff all they want.

    But neighbors? Nope. Unless they were a fellow woodworker and I could see how they treat their own tools, I have no problem saying "Nope, sorry. I just don't loan out my tools. It's a matter of policy and nothing personal."

    Since i only have woodworking friends and don't socialize much with my neighbors, my perspective may be somewhat skewed. I don't often confront the compassion for a close friend's problem along with a lack of trust in their tool handling abilities.
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    There have been a couple of times when I was really surprised how long the tools were gone, so I guess I'm rethinking letting others go. I much prefer to have neighbors and friends bring their work to my shop.
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