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Thread: Famous people/ part 2

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    Famous people/ part 2

    To go along with the "famous people met" thread, I thought I'd ask,
    Which famous person would you most like to meet?

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    General Tommy Franks (read his book, American Soldier, and loved it!)

    Rush Limbaugh (now you know more about me!)

    Sam Maloof (got to be on lots of guy's lists)

    Bill Grumbine (that FAMOUS actor with TWO DVDs out!)

    and the rest of the gang here at FW!
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    Man, that's tough Doug. I have always wanted to meet Gene Hackman, so he would top my list. He would have to be a most interesting person to talk with. (There are a LOT who have passed that I would like to meet, John Kennedy and Stephen Ambrose would be at the top of that list.)

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    Reba McEntire. Now you know more about me.

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    Billy Graham

    Norm Abram

    Bill Dance

    Alan Jackson

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    Robert DuVall (Never saw a movie of his that I didnt like)

    George C Scott (same as above)

    Jacqueline Kennedy (my youngest daughter is named after her)
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