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Thread: Onrust Turnings

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    Onrust Turnings

    I don't post much, so just to prove I really can turn wood, I thought I'd show a few things I did recently for the Onrust. That's a ship I'm helping build locally. I take scraps and make things they can sell for fundraising. The group in going to be in NYC for several days at the big boat show at the Javits Center. I coudn't go and help there so I made a bunch of tops and some ornaments for the show. All made from white oak and finished with Bush Oil. Hopefully they will sell to raise money for the project. I think there are 56 tops.

    I also made a couple of larger Rosand style ornaments for the Pres. and VP of the nonprofit org. running the project. These are made from the 2 woods used in the ship-white oak and black locust. I put some gloss tung oil varnish on the globes to pretty them up a little. (And don't pay any attetion to the square thing on the right, that's my version of a "flatboard" ornament for our woodworking club party. Big rivalry between turners and flat boarders )
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    Good stuff, Don. I'd like to see the faces of the flatlanders in your club when you unveil the square ornament.
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    Another set of beauties Don. Yep you can still turn and rather well.
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    Thanks Guys


    They got quite a kick out of it-especially from a TURNER !
    Don Orr

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    Great turnings.

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    Those are great turnigns Don, and the Onrust is one of those projects I'd love to participate, it is a pity I'm so far away...
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