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  • I'm using vista, and the screen melts when I try!

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  • Those durned admins make it hard on purpose!

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Thread: new thread with poll

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    new thread with poll

    Looks like you need to start a new thread to post a poll.

    start a new thread.

    Look towards the bottom of the page. select "yes, post a poll with this thread"

    submit the thread.

    You'll be taken to a new page, where you can enter your questions.

    When you're done with the questions, scroll down to select your options.

    Proofread your questions! It ain't easy to go back and edit!

    Click submit.

    Open a barley pop, and sit back and wait for the fun to start!


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    I didn't see a poll option that I liked so I just answered them all......


    John (who has no idear 'caus he's never dun it )

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    Once I tried to make a poll and I couldn't find the button or the menu anywhere, I'm glad that it seems that I'm not the only one.

    Maybe admins do it on purpose to avoid us overheating our brains to make a choice
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    No, not all of SoCal is Los Angeles!


    I don't use a MAC on my own time so most things that I do are inherently obvious (although hopelessly over-involved ) as opposed to pretentious and obfuscated . I don't run Vista except when I (try) to help LOML's mom who got the devil's spawn of an operating system because she didn't know any better . Can you believe the amount of money MS is throwing at this thing to convince people it isn't the worst thing sine '98? . . . but this is all tangential.

    The poll setup seems as good as any other vBulletin routine and works OK for me with various browsers and OS's (except IE7 over XP which I haven't tried it on as I haven't gotten over hating it yet) . That's why their called 'personal' computers; because the same thing that makes me happy, really ticks you off and vice versa .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Lantry View Post
    submit the thread.

    You'll be taken to a new page, where you can enter your questions.

    When you're done with the questions, scroll down to select your options.
    Thanks. That's the part that eluded me. I figured if you submitted it you were done (like with a normal thread).
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    In most cases, if you scroll down below the text box where you type your post, you'll see the Additional Options section, like this:

    In other cases, the Additional Options section might be "collapsed". It'll look like this:

    If it's collapsed, simply click the little downward arrow icon to expand it, then you should see the Post a Poll option.

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    I did it once. Not too hard, only took me six hours.
    Actually easy.

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