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Thread: Avoid the Doghouse this Gift-giving Season

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    Avoid the Doghouse this Gift-giving Season

    Saw this elsewhere . .. still laughing at the 'review board' scene.
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    hey glenn, vaughn had that awhile back ,,yu shoulda just posted a link to his post you know better but hey at least it went back to the top whereeveryone can see it and so there wont be any excuses
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    personally I think shes overreacting. Id be thrilled if my woman bought me a new shop vac with all the bells and whistles.

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    Now, see....I was smart. Back in the early 80s, my wife wanted a girl puppy. I convinced her we couldn't afford another dog, and that we really needed a vacuum cleaner. Christmas morning, I told her she had to close her eyes, that her gift was such an odd size, I couldn't wrap it. I went to my Grandparents cellar, got her gift and brought it up to the house. I then took it next to her, held it up and let the pup lick Glenna's cheek while she still had her eyes closed. Man if I'd only known you could really wrap up a vacuum cleaner like that. I haven't been able to top that gift yet. Jim.
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    Wow, but so true. I still haven't recovered from the cappuccino and rose from the quicky mart for valentines when we were dating...

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