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Thread: Work Sharp 3000

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    Work Sharp 3000

    Has anyone tried the Work Sharp 3000 for sharpening lathe tools, skews, gouges, etc? I was wondering how it compares to say the Wolvering One Way system, I currently have a slow speed grind but am debating going with the One Way or the Work Sharp,

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    I've got a Worksharp 3000, but for turning tools I don't think it's all that effective. It might be OK for honing a skew, but I was not impressed with how it handled a gouge, since you must free-hand the bevel. (Others may have better success than I did.)

    In your position, I'd suggest getting the Wolverine jig, or one of the similar jigs from other makers. I have the Penn State knock-off of the Wolverine, and have been happy with the results.
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    As with Vaughn I use mine for honing only.

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    What Vaughn said... I tried both a standard grind gouge and a fingernail grind ... both were very tough to keep consistent on the wheel. I even had the inside tip from one of the demonstrators to keep your index finger in the gullet as a guide ... it just wasn't effective. I am not patient enough to practice enough to learn it when i've already got a setup for it.
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