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Thread: Maryland Contractors License

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    Maryland Contractors License

    What are the requirements to obtain a MD contractors license? Primary interest would be building Decks, Additions, Renovations, etc

    Would appreciate any info on Applications, Tests required, Insurance req's, etc,

    I am interested in possibly gearing up to contract small jobs after retiring from Telecom field.


    Bruce N.

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    contact your county clerk to get the inspectors name and he can help you out.. not familiar with your area ,,they all have differnt regs. in our state they have a private firm give the tests and and are doing the inspecting. am not sure of your area but in ours the construction trade is about as low as it can get,,,,but the forecast is to be worse yet!!!
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    Hi Bruce,

    If you are still there...I have the MHIC license and can advise you what you need to do to get legal. Send me a PM if interested.


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