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Thread: Parks 12" planer

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    Parks 12" planer

    Hello all,
    I have a Parks Planer with full CI base, 5hp motor and in excellent condition.
    Any suggestions on a reasonable asking price? Sorry Santa, this won't fit down the chimney! Thanks, JCB.

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    Condition and completeness are everything in old machines. If yours truly is in excellent shape it should bring a good price. But my excellent might be your perfect or someone elses used junk too.

    Also where you live. In some areas old machines bring more than others. So the best answer is it depends and it near impossible to appraise one without seeing it. But a parks is a good proven machine and parts do come available for them if you search around.
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    Jeff made a good point about your location. If you're in a city or suburb, you'll get more cash (larger market). Assuming it's in primo condition, the other issue is the economy. That has the same effect as if you lived in a rural area - smaller market. I don't know of anyone who hasn't tightened the purse strings lately. Keep in mind, it's also a 50 year old (give or take) piece of equipment. The gear box could blow smoke tomorrow, and i doubt anyone would be surprised.
    All that said, i've seen them go in St. Louis for a fairly wide range of prices. I've been curious about the Parks for years now and have kept my eyes open to see what they go for. Complete machines in "plug and play" condition seem to fetch between $250 to $500 - auctions, newspaper adds, craigslist. It's not really consistent. Locally, they seem to bring less than what you might see on ebay. I've seen some advertised at $600 or $650, but they don't seem to move at those prices.
    Given the recent crunch in the economy, you might be nearer the middle than the upper end of the "normal" price range.
    Good luck with it.

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    Jeff and Paul are right, location is everything. Where I live, (mid-coast Maine) you might get $200 for it, and that is entirely based on the motor value not the machine. That's because there are so many boat yards here, and old sawmills and stuff that old woodworking tools are everywhere. Company's are thrifty here and don't throw tools away just to buy new...if it works why not keep it? Plus everyone wants there boats built in 100 year old buildings, by equally old tooling just because that is the "Maine" they think of.

    6 months ago you could value a machine by its scrap iron price as scrap iron hit 400 bucks a ton. I had an old car out back and the price was so high Scrappers would stop in and ask me to buy it. I did even know these people. Now scrap iron is at a all time low and so you can't use scrap iron prices as a value calculator now.

    I recently heard in a poll that after the holidays 44% of consumers are cutting back significantly on their spending. With low scrap iron prices now, a bad economy, and a rather small planer...$200 bucks would be on the high end of things I would think, but as I said, where I live where old iron is plentiful too.
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    Parks 12" Planer

    John, I was curious if you still have planer, what is you're asking price and would it be possible to ship it, by truck freight, and can you post digital pics, and what is model and serial number of unit , Reason why I am asking I might be interested but depending on funds and cost to ship , unless I can pick it up. Where are you located also!!!!! Just thinking about it anyway. Thanks,
    Doug , Have you had any takers yet????

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