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Thread: flat screen monitors

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    flat screen monitors

    Since we have been on the computer wagon here lately I figured some of you have opinions about them.

    My old Nokia 21 CRT is dying.

    I'm kind of leaning towards this Asus

    About my only requirement is I would like to have an HDMI input. Under $200 to $250 would be nice
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    I don't know anything about the ASUS brand, but I replaced my old CRT with an Acer 22" LCD a few months ago. My choice of manufacturer was based on observing a variety of monitors at Office Depot as well as recommendations from others. The price was and still is in my range. They offer models with HDMI input.
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    I've had decent luck with Asus in the past, no complaints
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    Robert, I am looking for a monitor for my shop at present and on Monday while out doing Xmas shopping at the local Walmart, I saw a solution that you might want to consider. They have 22 inch high def TV/DVD and monitor all in one combos. With my limited space this looks like a good solution to get the whole schebang in one unit. Hi resolution etc.

    The Canadian price for something like this was 350 dollars but I would be surprised if you could not get it for at least 100 less in USA.
    Follow this link and you will see the unit I mean. They dont show any details but it has everything.

    By the Asus is one of the better computer brands. I know they make very good high end motherboards. Not sure the monitor is theirs or a private label deal.
    Best of luck.

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    We picked up a Samsung SyncMaster 920NW for under $200 recently. And we really like it.
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    Wow - this is a timely post!

    I have a question on the subject:

    Was their any trouble getting the video adapter to work at a resolution supported by the monitor?

    I want to get my Dad a 22" Widescreen monitor for X-Mas and am not sure if his video adapter will support the widescreen resolution.

    Any input would be appreciated.

    Sorry for the hijack!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Keeble View Post
    ...They have 22 inch high def TV/DVD and monitor all in one combos. With my limited space this looks like a good solution to get the whole schebang in one unit. Hi resolution etc....
    My old laptop supports higher resolution than HDTV. Of course, it can drop to that resolution. So if TV is more important, that is a good solution. If PC is more important, you may not want to drop to the lower resolution of a even a high definition TV set.
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    I'm holding out on the flat screens till they are down to $39.99!!, just like I did for my DVD player. Heh, heh........Wife say's I'm so cheap, I squeak when I walk, Heh, heh

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