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Thread: Cedar Birdhouse

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    Cedar Birdhouse

    The Birdhouse is all Cedar, 20 inches long, comes apart at center line for cleaning. This a a Christmas gift for my bil. comments welcome
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    Another nice one...I'll ask here too, how do they open for cleanin? Just a friction fit or something else?
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    Cedar is excellent for outdoors. Will last a long time.
    Very fine.

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    That is a beauty Larry. That will last for some time to come. He is going to love it. Larry are you going to put a perch on it for the birds to land on? What kind of finish did you use?
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    Nice work, Larry.

    From what I've read, it's recommended to not put perches on bird houses. See the section titled "Entrance Hole" in this write-up:

    This also has some good birdhouse dimension guidelines for various bird species.
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    This one takes the cake Larry . Finish is great and it looks functional too!
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