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Thread: This elf's got his work cut out for him

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    This elf's got his work cut out for him

    One week to go, and Santa's got a lot to do this year. Still trying to get the dining room completed (getting really close!) for Christmas Eve, and the "kit" for one of the kids' toys has a long way to go before it goes under the tree. I'm thinking about playing hookey on friday to get some things done.

    Anyone else out there got a late night or two ahead of them?

    santa paul

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Hubbman View Post

    Anyone else out there got a late night or two ahead of them?

    santa paul
    The next week is just one long day with occasional eyelid inspections of very short durations.
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    I've got a few small gifts to finish up before the 23rd (1st of 3 xmas get togethers)

    My biggest problem is the cold. I'll try again tonight, should be in the teens when I get home from work.
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    I don't have anything I need to have done by the holidays, I am just going to take advantage of a couple of four day holiday weekends to work on my kitchen project. An opportunity that the slave boss keeps reminding me of.

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    As you know, I don't get much shop time, but I can relate to a Santa's hard work on the after-hours end of things.

    My house is kind of funny Paul, we don't really wait until Christmas to open gifts, its kind of a month long open-gifts-as-we-see-fit kind of thing. We let Alyson have this trampoline type bouncer and must say this Santa was not too happy at having to spend 2 hours putting that pile of steel and plastic together. Even with Mrs Claus helping it was not fun.

    That 2 hours of complete frustration was only tempered by Alyson's enthusiasm. The bouncer has a hand bar thing for the little ones to hold onto and as she walked by it last night to go to bed she said, "That's my snowmobile daddy." (It does kind of resemble a snowmobile). Yes it made my day.
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