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Thread: Rustic Birdhouses

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    Rustic Birdhouses

    I want to give credit to Curt Fuller for the idea for these houses, he was kind enough to email me and show me the way he makes his with pics. The Birdhouses here are White Oak tops and finials, maple middles, they are 21 inches long and come apart at the bottom for cleaning. They also are Christmas gifts. Comments welcome
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    Larry, very nice! Since Curt first posted one of these qutie awhile ago I've wanted to try one...still on the list! These will make great gifts, Well Done.

    PS...How do they open for cleaning?
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    Really unique. May have to yer idea.
    No perches. What kind of birds are those for?

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    thanks Guys I appreciate the comments. Frank I really did'nt have one type of Bird in mind when I made them.

    Jeff the houses come apart at the line at the bottom, when you turn them you mark the line with a parting tool, take the house off the lathe leaving your chuck on for balancing, Drill the holes one on each of two sides. Put back on Lathe part off at line, line the holes up put in screws, than burn the line to kind of mask the cut. Hope this is clear.

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    Those look great Larry!! I'm pretty sure they will have inhabitants soon!
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    Those look great Larry. Very nicely done.
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    Nicely done Larry. That'll be a good home for someone!
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