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Thread: Small Christmas Gift

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    Small Christmas Gift

    HI guys....been a while since I have been here. Lifes a bit different now

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    Hi Reg. That looks great!
    Best regards,

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    Very nice work, Reg. Good to see you drop by. You're has been a while.
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    Reg, That looks great. I assume that it's a step stool? Did you hand cut the dovetails? What kind of wood is it?

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    What a mosr excellant project. I am Inspired to make one of my own design. Thanks for posting.

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    Thanks guys. Some times life just gets in the way but I have been busy woodworking to calm the nerves.
    The wood is cherry Darren. Yes it is a step stool. My wife is verticaly chalenged 5'2" so thought I might give her a hand. No the dovetails are done with a jig.
    Heres what kept me up late more than a few nights

    Its good to see some friendly faces Vaughn. I'll be around a bit more now

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    The stool is great. What kind of jig did you use? The dovetails look well balanced. It is really well done.
    My wife is the same height and we have a similar style stool (not even close to the quality of yours). The handle is really nice to have - no bending!


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    Great project Greg. Whats the picture in your Avatar. I cannot make it out with it being so small?

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    Great step stool, but isn't that a bit elaborate a frame for your compressor?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Keeble View Post
    Great project Greg. Whats the picture in your Avatar. I cannot make it out with it being so small?

    Its a Milbury single end tennoner Rob. Heres a larger pic for you
    Sometimes I go for the dramatic Frank

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