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Thread: Wood Drying Kiln

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    Wood Drying Kiln

    Has anyone tried to make a wood drying kiln? I have an older mini fridge and was wondering if I could make one out of this, all I turn is relatively small things, small bowls and such! What do you guys think?

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    I made one when I first started turning. I used an old freezer, a light bulb, a computer fan and a thermostat. It worked pretty good but eventually I accumulated so many rough turned bowls, etc. I didn't bother with it any more.

    There have been a number of threads on other forums describing how different people built their kilns.

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    Mike there is a turner named Ted Sokolowski who has a DVD on peppermills. I met him at the symposium in Richmond. I asked him about his. It is a mini refrig with a light bulb, thermostat and computer fan as all he puts in it are lidded box blanks, peppermill blanks, and other small stuff. He said it works great.
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