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Thread: Cheap box

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    Cheap box

    I felt bad that you guys are turning () out some great stuff this time of year and I hadn't done anything but stoppers. So I popped out this box from english walnut...down to 60 lbs of this stuff. No tear out...just kinda punky looking, but you can hear the pop on the lid!! Not really sure about the shape, but I wanted to turn something that didn't take 5 days. Inside get's finished tomorrow. Mylands and about 3"x 1.25". Merry Christmas All!!!
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    Nice little "quickie" project. It's better than any boxes I've made.
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    Nice looking box. Yer walnut is much lighter in color than what I normally see. I have a hunk that, with yer reminder, is telling me there is a box inside.

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    Great looking box Jim. Nice quick box turned out great. I like the simple form.
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    cheap box

    Hey,very neat,I like it

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    Super little box. Jim Thats some beautiful grain.

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