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Thread: Walnut Kitchen

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    Walnut Kitchen

    Hi guys,

    Here are some photos of a kitchen I completed recently for a client.

    It basically all built from walnut veneered MDF with solid wood lippings. Hope you like it.

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    Wow! That's a pretty piece of work, Duncan. The wood's gorgeous, and I like the nice clean lines of the cabinet style. I don't think I've seen a corner drawer like that one. Very cool.
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    thats one nice cab job duncan two Questions, one what do you use for the veneering a bag and what setup. and that corner drawer idea is slick
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    Whats not to like about that kitchen?? Wood working is very nice and so it the layout. I saw several things I liked. Do you do the layout or the did the client bring you what they wanted?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaughn McMillan View Post
    I don't think I've seen a corner drawer like that one. Very cool.
    I haven't either, but I want one in my kitchen now!

    Great looking work there Duncan. Well Done
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    darn websense filter....i can't see em...i'll check em when i get home, sounds nice though....i love me some walnut!!

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    Looks mighty fine. My wife would toss me over the edge to get a kitchen with that much space and storage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duncan Cheslett View Post
    Hi guys,

    Here are some photos of a kitchen I completed recently for a client.

    Hope you like it.
    "Hope I like it" You must be crazy I just love it. What great work and a lucky client. Am i correct in understanding that all the flat stock is mdf that has been veneered. Wow fantastic job. And if I understand correctly you have to veneer both sides. How long did that take?

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    Beautiful work! How does your client like the upper cabinets opening from the bottom? I've always liked the look, but wondered about the practicality. It seems it should be an improvement over the normal swining doors. Is it?
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    nice looking job

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