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Thread: varnish/Danish/Turp finish question

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    varnish/Danish/Turp finish question

    I have been using Turp/Varnish/Danish oil - 1/3 each mixed with a 1/2 teaspoon of Japan drier in a quart jar for a finish on some turned bowls. I use a pc of towel to put the finish on by hand and then let dry.
    The problem im running into is there always seems to be very tiny bubble looking dots on them in scattered places.....i knock them down with 0000 or
    3M pad and put the next coat on ......same thing keep happening........
    any ideas on what is causing this? or how to stop it from happening ? wondering if i should thin it down a bit more with turp?
    thanks Dan

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    Are you using a mix of varnish,turpentine and danish oil or a mix of varnish & turp. ?. Also what kind, and what sheen of varnish.


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    Your dryer may be the bad guy. When oil based finishes dry they go through several stages and one of which is off-gassing the thinner. This creates tiny bubbles, in most cases they burst & level out as the finish dries and you don't see them, If you have too much dryer, some bubbles may harden before they burst and then are incased in finish, leaving "Bumps" on the surface.

    Try reducing the amout of dryer and see if it changes the effect.

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    thank you im going to mix up some new with no dryer this time.......

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