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Thread: Show me your scroll saw stands

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    Show me your scroll saw stands

    One of the old machines I inherited was a Homecraft (Delta) Scroll saw. It works and needs nothing other than a good cleaning. It's not something that I will use very often either. The table it is on is way to large and takes up way to much space for such a small machine. So show me your shop made scroll saw stands. I need some ideas so make a new one.

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    Mine is not home made but I can see how a stand could be made based upon it. The stand is both durable and light.

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    One thing that is home made and very simple is the "container" that I made for blades.

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    Cheers, Frank

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    My 20" Craftsman came with it's own stand, but I have several of these stands for other tools. $39 at Sears. The top is 2 pieces, so you can adjust the width. The lower shelf boards are also included.

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    Last summer I cobbled this one together, 'special' duty for using my scrollsaw on the front porch railing. I bet you could do something similar that would clamp to a benchtop or a sawhorse.

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