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    Thumbs down SNOW!!!! UPDATED-NEW & IMPROVED!!!!

    We are getting hammered right now. Woke to about 7 inches on the ground, but it wasn't snowing right then. By the time I got all my gear on to jump on the JD and blow it around it was snowing again and the wind was picking up.

    I still went out and about 45 minutes later had the driveway cleared enough so LOML could take my 4WD Trailblazer to go to work in Madison, some 55 miles away. She left about 7 AM and was back by 7:45. She had gotten on the Interstate and gone one exit, 2 miles, when she decided to turn back. Only one lane plowed and way too many people trying to get somewhere, with traffic moving at about 20 MPH. She decided it would have taken until noon to get to work, which didn't make any sense.

    I'd go visit my buddy, who has a place in Vegas and spends winters there, but, he had 6 inches of snow the other day too.

    It's still coming down and they're saying we're going to end up with around 12 inches. Joy of joys, we've got another storm coming Saturday with somewhere around 5-6 more inches. That should put us even with or ahead of last year at this time, when we had over 100+ inches for the season.

    Well, if you're in the path of this storm GOOD LUCK. Take it easy on the shoveling and have a good weekend.

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    We've got ice this morning. Temp's been hovering right at freezing, and there's about a half inch of icy rain coating everything. Supposed to melt off this afternoon, though, then re-freeze tonight.

    The snow that you're getting is supposed to go North of here, so hopefully I won't have to suit up and plow out. Already had to do that once, just before Thanksgiving. The snows came early this year, and we got nearly 20" during November. Just a few inches so far this month, though.

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    Hey Karl

    We are getting this snow here now. The Colorado low has driven it all the way to Toronto. We expect somewhere around 8 inches by the end of the day. coming down like crazy right now. About 9:46 am in Toronto.

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    We got about 5" of sleet last night. To the north they got 11+" of snow and only ice to the south...I'll live with the sleet, but it is heavy to shovel for sure. Stay safe!
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    Sorry to hear about all the snow y'all are getting we are still in shorts and t-shirts my parents said they got 4-5 feet Wednesday they live in Idaho
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    As you may know, my mobile office and I zip all over central NY. I planned ahead this morning, however, and I'm only about 30 minutes from the house. I 'telecommute' but have to be 'away from the house' to work (company policy, No working from Home). I'm currently parked in a service plaza on the NYS Thruway.(restaurant, rest room, fresh coffee..., did I mention the rest room?)

    Here's the view out my front windshield...

    the diesel is purring away and I'm actually getting a fair bit of work accomplished today... (saw this coming so yesterday I shot tons of photos, today I'm processing them and updating the database with new properties)
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    It was snowing on Monday when we got off the train, returning from our cruise! We got about 3 inches, all gone now, but we are forecasted for more. I wanted to get back on the train and go back to Mexico!!
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    The Pacific Northwest doesn't get much media coverage, but we have been getting hammered. I've got about 5 inches of snow on the ground and the road down the hill has about 2 inches of ice on it. Snow stopped, but it's 13F right now. Winds are supposed to blow, gusting to 65 on Sat...last moving sale day!

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    Greg, it is possibly worse than you think. According the what I read, there is a possibility of ice instead of snow with this blast coming late Saturday. This storm is coming more from the West as opposed to the others that came mostly from the Northwest. It will be warmer with possible rain turning to ice!

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    A quick update from Wisconsin. Our snow is done for now. 9 inches with this batch. Now the wind is blowing so there'll be some drifting I'm sure.

    I think we get a little reprieve now until Saturday evening when we're scheduled for another 5-6 inches. Well at least Sunday is the first day of Winter, so the days will start getting longer.

    Hang in there those of you that will be getting this storm.


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